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super intelligent elevator dream factory
classic cases innovative r&d smart manufacturing
industry-leading super smart factory
demonstrator of global digitalization
and industry 4.0
xiolift “super elevator factory” phase iii was completed in early 2020. it is currently the largest single smart factory in the elevator industry. the customized and flexible production modes have realized comprehensive digital innovation, creating a digital twin factory, and making disruptive changes to the industry’s manufacturing mode.
factory building coverage
digital production
thin-as-hair manufacturing accuracy
fully digitized process
can be monitored and traced
intelligent production is achieved from placing orders to the packing of finished products. the focus has been shifted from manufacture to design. the manufacturing process has been optimized both online and offline. there is seamless regulation and control, integrated upgrade and visualized production process. the data generated during the manufacturing process can be 100% recorded for assembly. we have achieved the world’s first digital twin model in the elevator industry.
the data generated during the manufacturing process can be 100% recorded for assembly
manufacturing super-brain
the super-brain can realize automatic ordering, automatic production, automatic detection, self-correction, and production line interconnection
xiolift’s smart digital factory integrates cutting-edge technologies of ar and vr, and adopts intelligent hearing and smelling to detect all flaws and faults in the production process. the super-brain can automatically analyze and send push notifications of device failure, provide product improvement suggestions, and is capable of in-depth data analysis, and self-learning.
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