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with the philosophy of “knowledge is action, and action is knowledge”, xio college has established a project-based talent training model by constructing practical training bases, faculty training, and curriculum development. xio college has put forward many projects, including “craftsman star plan” for skilled talents, “wolf warrior plan” for sales talents, “graduates trainee plan” for college graduates, “leadership trainee plan” for young leaders and high-potential future managers, as well as “golden partnership plan” for partners, etc. xio college has independently trained over 2,500 engineering, technology, marketing, and management talents, providing talent support for the company's rapid development.


xio college has built a first-class elevator engineering training base at home and abroad, developed the etd elevator engineering technology training platform, and combined with information technology such as virtual simulation to connect the teaching base and studios (municipal-level) in vocational skills training, becoming a “hangzhou skilled talent independent evaluation demonstration unit”. in addition, the faculty of xio college also won many provincial and national awards. in terms of curriculum development, xio college continues to promote the compilation of operation guidance and theoretical textbooks based on the framework of “etd elevator engineering technical competence standard” and real-life engineering technical practices, which supports the code arrangement of knowledge system and provides the core script for the development of various means of information-based training. at the same time, with xio college as the carrier, the company established college-enterprise cooperation with many colleges in china, including hangzhou vocational and technical college, zhejiang institute of mechanical and electrical engineering, and other domestic higher vocational colleges. together, many training bases were set up, and a “modern apprenticeship” was established to cultivate talents in elevator engineering. with the goal of “service beyond expectations,” xio college aims to cultivate a team of technical talents who are “ready to be called upon and capable of winning battles” through a three-dimensional training mode of practical teaching, skill competition, and work assessment.

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leadership trainee plan

by combining training and practice, adhering to the principle of “knowing and acting” to systematically improve the management capability and leadership of our staff through “training, practice and evaluation” during their career development.

wolf warrior project

a series of training programs for sales talents to provide product solutions to customers.

special military training program for new forces
graduates trainee plan

series training program for reserved management talents.