higher r&d targets
10m/s national-leading manufacturing qualification
classic cases innovative r&d smart manufacturing
the first in the industry
three core technologies
technological achievements
wire rope traction technology

equipped with dual detection of smart brake torque and the imported sine-cosine encoder, the magnetic flux control is 3 times superior than standard, creating extraordinary quality and excellent operating performance

industry first
double-sided steel strip traction technology

“plane traction, tooth surface guidance” has obtained a national invention patent. with smooth and comfortable operation performance and longer service life,  the products are suitable for various scenarios

thin engine technology
ultra-thin concept for ultimate space utilization

adopting industry-leading electromagnetic field technology, 65% thickness of traditional engine, innovative magnetic field design, and optimized magnetic field characteristics to provide solid and stable operating performance

strong alliance
create a new field of intelligent elevators
smart control interaction

multiple recognition methods, including face, finger vein, qr code, ic card, bluetooth, voice, gesture, etc., combined with various scenarios to create a more convenient elevator experience.

ai smart recognition

powered by ai technologies, the system can automatically detect abnormal elevator-riding behaviors and give voice reminders to unlock a new level of safety.

smart-linked elevator ride

swift response powered by a dual arm32 core processor that supports remote calling function in daily riding and friend-visiting scenarios.

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