xiolift marks accomplishments of the year with grand multinational celebration


we want to send out a message heartily celebrating our great 2023 gathering of xiolift and its affiliates that took place in hangzhou! it has been a fantastic 2022-2023 year for us, with great strides forward in modernizing and constructing our major factory, and in applying new innovative processes into our production model. and it wouldn't have been possible without every single one of us. 

that is why we invited over 1,000 company representatives from all over the globe, including pakistan, malaysia, the congo, among many others, to visit our grand technology exhibition hall. there we held a massive event for all attendees, featuring a grand dinner and words from the chairman, with awards handed out to all the most outstanding individuals in the past year. 

we give great thanks to all who attended, and even more thanks for all the work every member of xiolift and its partners have given to make this past year one to remember. here's to an ever brighter future, and the hope to see you all back next year!